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Dr. Noha El Dougdoug

Research Associate and Lab Manager

Noha joined the Short lab in 2020 as a Research Associate/Lab Manager. She obtained her BSc and MSc degrees in Microbiology from Benha University, Egypt. She conducted PhD training at the Department of Food Sciences, University of Guelph, Canada advised by Dr. Mansel Griffiths and Dr. Hany Anany. During her PhD, she studied bacteriophages as safe, rapid, and cost-effective tools to control and detect a variety of foodborne pathogenic bacteria to improve the safety of ready-to-eat (RTE) products. During her recent work in Dr. Short's lab, she is interested in studying mosquito-microbe interactions to understand the immune defense mechanisms of mosquitoes and the best mosquito control strategies to combat mosquito-borne diseases. For this purpose, her current research is focusing on the following: 1- Studying the impact of Edhazardia aedis, a mosquito parasite, on the susceptibility of Ae. aegypti mosquitoes to bacterial and viral infection and how E. aedis interacts with other bacterial pathogens such as Serratia marcescens to affect the life span of mosquitoes. 2- Understanding the impact of E. aedis on the immune defense mechanisms of Ae. aegypti mosquitoes and investigating whether E. aedis infection enhances or reduces mosquito susceptibility to dengue virus. 3- Biological control of Culex pipiens mosquitoes in storm water catch basins using the microsporidian parasite Vavraia culicis and mosquito pathogenic bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis.